360 For Construction

My360Tours can photograph your project at any stage to capture as-built information. Our capture process is very quick and we don't require much space so we're able to capture your project at any stage of the build.

Construction site progress is usually captured using traditional 2D photography, and often requires many photos just for each area of the site. Documenting a full site can lead to hundreds of photographs stored in folders on a computer which can be hard to navigate. 360 degree capture can offer a much more streamlined process capturing large areas quickly and efficiently and with far less captures per room than traditional methods. The result is a series of connected 360 degree photos or even a 3D model of your site which can be navigated easily by all stakeholders of the project.

Due to the small footprint of the equipment required and the speed of the post-production of the data, it is easier than ever to have your site progress captured more frequently allowing you to monitor every change more efficiently.

At the project handover phase, all of this data can be easily handed over to the client giving them a true thorough as-built record.